EHRbase powers Germany’s COVID-19 data platform

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research established the “Netzwerk Universit√§tsmedizin” in 2020 to counter the COVID-19 crisis. One of the projects funded is the COVID-19 Data Exchange Platform (CODEX) which aims to integrate structured data from 35 German university hospitals.

The purpose of this platform is to support the network in collecting and analyzing data associated with the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic to achieve its scientific goals, to trace and control the spread of the virus, and to assess the effectiveness of countermeasures.

EHRbase is used for the persistence of the data and to flexibily allow the development of new applications within the platform ecosystem. EHRbase is deployed on a Kubernetes cluster along with a data integration engine (FHIR-Bridge) to reliably store all data coming from the university hospitals in an open format and in compliance with the FAIR data criteria.

All components developed as part of the project are available under Apache 2 license from the following repositories:

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