EHRbase enables an open, collaborative software development around the openEHR specification which is commercial-friendly licensed. We encourage the partipaction and highly welcome organizations to join us. The work around EHRbase is structured as follows.

The EHRbase Board of Directors (Board) holds and protects the intellectual property associated with EHRbase and the EHRbase community.
The Board is also responsible for management and oversight of the work. This includes management of the corporate assets (funds, intellectual property, trademarks) and allocation of resources. Each member’s delegate has one vote. The Board consists of a maximum of 7 delegates with 2 delegates permanently provided by the EHRbase Core Members (Peter L. Reichertz Institute for Medical Informatics of Hannover Medical School and Braunschweig Technical University and Vitasystems GmbH) and 4 being elected by sustaining members (2 delegates) and corporate members (2 delegates) and sponsor members (2 delegates).

The members of the Board are also the main stakeholders in the sense of agile software development and are responsible to steer the roadmap of the projects together with the product owner, which is agreed upon the members of the Board. The Board is also the entity that decides who can be given commit rights and who can become member of the foundation.

A Project Management Committee (PMC) is established by resolution of the Board, to be responsible for the active management of the development. The PMC chair is chosen by the Board from the PMC members. A PMC member is a developer or a committer that was elected due to merit for the evolution of the project and demonstration of commitment. They have write access to the code repository. Initial one PMC member is determined each by the core members.